Unfined is Fine By Me

After watching the latest twitter debate I was planning on a spot of blogging today, until this link popped up from Chris Mair;


This pretty much sums up my feelings towards unfined beer and CAMRA. A well crafted and well looked after unfined beer adds a new dimension to the current beer market, and one that if done well I believe can improve the quality of beer being sold over the bar.

It also echoes my sentiments towards CAMRA. I am not against CAMRA, but their unwillingness to change to a modern beer industry is becoming more evident, which makes them less and less significant to me. They also seem to have adopted an almost dictatorship when deciding what consumers want through the production methods they promote and the selection at their beer festivals*, rather than let their members choose for themselves.

I believe that if their is a change within CAMRA, then it will take a generation of drinkers before this happens, so for the moment I choose to ignore.

*Some local CAMRA branches to put on very good festivals, which I do enjoy attending.

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  1. John Clarke

    Well both you ans Chris Mair seemed to have made something of a leap in ascribing the views of one one CAMRA activist in a Twitter debate as representing the views and policy of the whole organistion and its members. Do you have any evidence that CAMRA as a whole has taken against this? Well, Ill answer that question for you – no it hasn’t and I can’t see that it ever would. I mean why should it?

    In point of fact breweries selling their cask beer unfined is nothing new at all. Dave Porter when he brewed as Porter Brewing Co never fined his beer and neither did Marble Brewery in the early days. The beers occasionally had a slight cast on them but that was accepted as par for the course given the unfined nature of the beers and, shock, horror, they actually won CAMRA awards.

    Sorry to let a few facts get in the way of a nice bit of uninformed Sunday afternoon CAMRA bashing – but facts can be awkward like that can’t they?

  2. I don’t believe I stated that the views of CAMRA member(s) were policy rather than opinion, but it is it that opinion I have encountered through years of drinking and selling cask ale that ‘cloudy beer is bad’, something that has been promoted by CAMRA, as an example of the close minded approach to beer that exists. I have judged at several CAMRA beer festivals in the past, and on every occasion I believe their has been scoring based on the clarity of the beer, which no accounting for rates of fining, possible hop haze or even wheat beer in a speciality beer category!

    I was pleased to find when checking the CAMRA website that is does state that ‘some beers, such as wheat beers may be cloudy’, but I still think after promoting cloudy beer as bad, CAMRA does not do enough in the present, with a greater range of beer styles available, to educate drinkers in the difference between an off beer and one with a natural haze.

    How about a section of the website in how to detect an off beer through smell and taste rather than appearance?

  3. Nice suggestion re; possibly better education around taste rather than appearance, Bats. I like that.

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