Change of Attitude

I read this blog by Hardknott Dave yesterday and thus provided the influence to share these thoughts and the final motivation to actually start a blog. To quote Dave,

“It bothers me a lot that there are repeated noises from many people about how the supermarkets are damaging the pub and beer industry by their cut price alcohol. Whilst this may well be true what we inadvertently do is reinforce this commonly held belief. We are telling people that beer is cheaper in the supermarkets, so people now believe that more than ever.”

I believe that supermarket pricing, coupled with the current economy, is undoubtably damaging the pub trade. More people are drinking at home because it is cheaper, but the part that interests me is that we, the small beer producers and retailers, along with the blogging community are inadvertently reinforcing the belief that supermarkets are cheaper than pubs. By pointing out and campaigning against the struggles pubs face in trying to encourage drinkers to support the pub, are we inadvertently promoting the cheaper option of the supermarket? Are campaigns such as the Save The Pub Group and initiative from CAMRA actually reinforcing the home drinker that they are making the right decision due to the industry being in decline? Is the almost constant reporting of pub closures over the past few years having a snowball effect?

Do we need to change our attitude in the way we talk about the pub? If we were to focus on the positives and ignore the negatives would the national press also have a change in attitude, or stop reporting altogether?

As an experiment I have entered the words ‘pub’ and ‘beer’ in to the search engine on several national news outlets with the following being the top results;

The Independent

Daily Mail

The Guardian

The Sun

The Mirror


Sky News

Whilst not all recent news, it is an even mix between positive and negative. So, is there a problem with how the pub and beer industry is reported? If so, how can we, the supporters of pubs put positivity back in to the British pub trade? I will be considering this over the next few days, and will post some further thoughts and would love to hear your comments.

Batman out.

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  1. Spot on the money. Some bloggers seem to think that negativity is appropriate and will sort out the problem by naming and shaming. I disagree with that very much.

    The only thing negative reporting will do is damage something. It is very unlikely to improve the problem.

    Anyone who supports the pub industry should simply sing the praises of what is good. Let the bad pubs die quietly, keep quiet about pricing differentials as this only drives people into the supermarkets. Constantly naming and shaming badness drives people to the safety of the big brands.

    Sing the praises of good beer and good pubs, that’s what we should be doing.

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